Contoh Discussion Text beserta Soal dan Jawaban: Examinations

Contoh Discussion Text beserta Soal dan Jawaban: Examinations

Sumber: Soal Ujian Nasional SMA/MA 2015.

This text is for questions 41 to 43.

Many people say that examinations should be abolished because they are not the best measure of student’s capabilities. These people believe that students can study on their own and do better without the nagging worry and pressure exerted by examinations.

Yet, there are persuasive reasons to show that examinations should not be abolished. It is insufficient that teachers assign homework and correct it. Because this is not done under supervision, they cannot be sure that it is really the work of the students themselves. Moreover, homework is not a test of student’s ability. Homework is a method of merely keeping him occupied.

Nowadays, in the hunt for jobs, students need to produce some evidence of their capabilities. Prospective employers like to see copies of examination results. This is the only way a student’s qualifications can be judged. This attitude greatly encourages the use of examinations, since it is considered it necessary for them to measure their capabilities.

41. Why do some people disagree to abolish the examination?
A. Exam result is the only proof of student’s capabilities.
B. Nobody trusts the students nowadays.
C. It is a regulation in the country.
D. It is a good measurement.
E. It is for the sake of efficiency.
Kunci jawaban ialah, A, "Exam result is the only proof of student’s capabilities".

42. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The examination still keeps going on.
B. The teachers’ roles supervise the students.
C. The homework is important for students.
D. The homework is usefulness for students.
E. The teachers are insufficient in school.
Kunci jawaban
jawaban yang benar ialah jawaban A, The examination still keeps going on. Kemungkinan alasannya ialah, karena kalimat ini menyampaikan ide yg kontras dengan ide yang ada di paragraf pertama (adanya keinginan untuk menghapus ujian).

43. From the text above, we infer that….
A. the examination is still used for measuring students’ qualifications.
B. there are a lot of people agreing the examination as the quality control.
C. the examination is not neccessary to use for measuring the students’ abilities.
D. the examination is used as means of measuring students’ abilities anually before ending their education.
E. the government obliges educational practitioners conducting the examination for increasing the quality.
Kunci jawaban ialah, A, the examination is still used for measuring students’ qualifications.

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