Contoh Procedure text dan jawaban: Sandwich

Read the following text and answer Questions 1 to 4. 

  • Two slices of bread

  • Content (fried-egg, strawberry jam, chocolate sprinkles, a sausage, etc.)

  • First of all, take two slices of bread. 

  • Spread the bread with butter or margarine. 

  • Then, put anything you like on top of one slice of the bread. You can have a fried egg, some strawberry jam, (or any kind of jam), chocolate sprinkles, a slice of cheese, a sausage, or something else. 

  • After that, join the two slices of bread together, and your sandwich is ready!

1. What is the topic of the text?

A. How to make some snacks properly.

B. How to fill in some bread with jam.

C. How to prepare breakfast quickly.

D. How to spread jam on the bread. 

E. How to make a sandwich.

2. When do we put a fried egg or sausage on the bread?

A. While we bought the bread.

B. After we fried the egg or sausage.

C. Before we spread strawberry jam.

D. After we spread butter or margarine.

E. When we join the slice of bread.

3. What is the important thing in making a sandwich?

A. Choosing good kind of bread.

B. Choosing the best sausages.

C. Spreading many kinds of bread.

D. Joining two slices of bread.

E. Putting the filling between the bread.

Keterangan admin EnglishAhkam: Kami pribadi tidak begitu yakin dengan jawaban ini. Tidak ada informasi di teks secara tersirat terkait hal terpenting dalam membuat sandwich. Jika kita menjawab isi (filling) [jawaban E] dari sandwich itu, apakah berarti two slices of bread tidak penting [Jawaban D]? Begitupun sebaliknya. Jika ditanya hal terpenting dalam membuat sandwich, setiap orang mungkin akan memiliki jawaban berbeda. Ada yang menjawab jenis 'sausage', dan mungkin ada yang menjawab isi (filling). Bahkan boleh jadi ada yang menjawab jenis rotinya. 

4. ... chocolate sprinkles, a slice of cheese, a sausage, or something else.

Which of the following words has similar meaning to the underlined word?

A. Spreads 

B. Joins 

C. Fills 

D. Slices 

E. Scatters

Keterangan admin EnglishAhkam: Kami tidak yakin dengan pilihan ini. Chocolate sprinkles bermakna butiran coklat / cokelat butir. Cokelat butir ini umumnya dinamai dengan meses atau meises. `Sprinkle` dalam konteks ini bisa dimaknai butir.

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