Contoh Soal Short Functional Text Letter Jawaban -Complaining

Dear Big Meal’s representative

I’m writing to inform you that I had a negative bad experience at your location in Columbus, New Jersey on August 4. My receipt number is 512, and the person who handled my order was Alex.

First of all, I recognize that you, as the leader of this letter, are not responsible for my bad experience, but I am still upset about the situation.

I went to the drive through and ordered seven meals with no pickles. When I received my order, I checked that all of the sandwiches were in the bag paid and drove away. When I got home, I realized my number seven had pickles on it. I’m allergic to pickles, and I didn’t want to waste the sandwich, so I drove back to the drive through to explain the situation and get it fixed.

I fell very disappointed with this interaction, as I usually enjoy my experiences at your restaurant. To fix this situation, I would like a coupon for a free meal of my choice. I think an apology from Alex is also appropriate.                                                                

Please contact me at 555.555.5555 or email me back at I would like this situation to be resolved so I can continue to be a loyal Big Meal’s patron.

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