Download Tesis Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris PDF (VERB PHRASE ACQUISITION -STUDENTS’ WRITING)

Download Tesis Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris PDF (VERB PHRASE ACQUISITION -STUDENTS’ WRITING)

Judul Theses (Tesis S2)

VERB PHRASE ACQUISITION AS INDICATED THROUGH STUDENTS’ WRITING : A Cross Sectional Study on Undergraduate Students of a Private Higher Education Institution in Bandung


This study aims to investigate the interlanguage that undergraduate students of English Education make when they produce written English. This study is conducted on the basis of the fact that undergraduate students still make errors although they have learned English for a long time. Also, the errors themselves are as a system and can be used to determine interlanguage. This study employed cross sectional design since the data were collected in a single point of time but covering different levels of proficiency. The participants of the study were 12 undergraduate students of a private higher education institution in Bandung and their writings were used as the main data of the study. The nature of the analysis merely focuses on interlanguage, namely verb phrase acquistion grouped according to students’ levels and frequency. The data analysis of this study employed the theories of Error Analysis (EA) and Interlanguage (IL).The findings show that students’ production of English is still interlanguage since their writings contain a wide range of errors in relation to the use of verb phrases.The errors cover third person singular verbs (28.5%), omission of to be (17.9%), double marking (13%), the use of have and has (7.3%), problem with gerunds (4.9%), problem in negative transformations (5.6%), verb-and-verb constructions (5.6%), disagreement of subject and number (4.9%), problem in passive transformations (4.9%), problem with modals (4.1%) and problem in question transformations (3.3%). Moreover, the results of the study reveal that there are basically four processes contribute students’ interlanguage, i.e. language transfer (67.5%), strategies of second language learning (16.7%), overgeneralization (2.6%), and false concepts hypothesized (13.2%). The study concludes that students’ competence in each level is incomplete and considered to be in the continuum of interlanguage—its system has a structurally intermediate status between the native and target language. Their target language productions tend to be partly influenced by their native language. Keywords: Error Analysis (EA), Verb Phrase Acquisition, Interlanguage (IL), Writings

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