Download Tesis Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris PDF -Speaking+EYL

Download Tesis Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris PDf -Speaking+EYL

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EYL TEACHERS’ STRATEGIES IN CONDUCTING SPEAKING ASSESSMENTS : A Qualitative Research in Five English Courses in Bandung


Speaking is one of the important skills in English language program. Many strategies have been introduced to help teachers in teaching the speaking skill effectively. Yet, assessing this skill is one of the difficult tasks in language learning, especially in English for Young Learners’ classrooms in Indonesia. Teachers need to be competent in applying strategies to conduct a good speaking assessment. Employing qualitative methods and descriptive analyses, this study addressed the questions of what EYL teachers know about speaking assessment and what strategies they use in assessing young learners’ speaking skill. The categories of speaking strategy used in this study are the ones proposed by Hughes (2003), Brown (2004) and McKay (2006). The respondents were five EYL teachers from five English Courses in Bandung. The findings based on observations and interviews showed a pattern that teaching experience and education background were in line with the number of strategies used for young learners’ classrooms. The longer their experience and the higher their education level, the more strategies were used in assessing young learners’ speaking skill. There were ten strategies used in assessing young learners’ speaking skill. They were Question and Answer, Role-Play/Mini Dialogs, Word Repetition Tasks, Translation (of limited stretches of discourse), Picture Cued Tasks, Picture-Cued Story-Telling, Read-Aloud Tasks, Interview, Games, and Storytelling.

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