EnglishAhkam: Contoh Discussion Text beserta Soal dan Jawaban: Family Planning

Contoh Discussion Text beserta Soal dan Jawaban:
Family Planning

Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) 2012/2013

The following text is for questions 1 to 3.

Most people agree that the family planning programme is desirable for the good of family and society. But individuals and religious groups differ sharply on the methods of birth control that they consider moral and acceptable.

Couples that practice birth control do so for various reasons. They may want to limit or space their children, or to have no children at all. Young couples often postpone having children so that both partners can work full-time. Other couples space their children so they can give each as much attention as possible. Some women are advised by their doctor to avoid pregnancy for health reasons. In many countries with rapidly growing populations, the government encourages couples to limit the number of their families.

Even thought birth control has gained in acceptance, opposition to the practice is continuous. Some people fear that birth control encourages sexual outside marriage or that government might impose birth control. Some religious groups oppose birth control on moral grounds.

Some religious groups teach that artificial methods of birth control are immoral because they separate the purposes of intercourse in marriage-conjugal love and the procreation of children. Although they oppose all artificial birth control, they consider natural family planning to be acceptable.

1. Some religious groups refuse to use … birth control because of moral values.
A. home-made
B. man-made
C. natural
D. original
E. high quality

2. Paragraph two tells us about …
A. the government’s encouragement for happy family.
B. the reasons why a woman avoids to have baby.
C. the reasons why couples do birth control.
D. the postponement to having children.
E. the small and big families.

3. We learn from the text that …
A. all couple want to limit their children.
B. most couples want to postpone giving birth.
C. people space children to give them less attention.
D. not everybody agrees with the birth control methods.
E. women avoid being pregnant because of economic problems.

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