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contoh recount text beserta soal dan jawaban - Biography Messi

Luis Lionel Andres Messi, born June 24th, 1987, is an Argentinian football player for F.C Barcelona. He is not very tall, mainly, due to the growing problem he had when he was younger. His eyes are brown. He never has short hair.

Lionel Messi started playing football at a very early age in his hometown’s Newell’s Old Boys. From the age of 11, he suffered from a hormone deficiency and as Lionel’s parents were unable to pay for the treatment in Argentina, they decided to move to Barcelona, Spain.

In the 2003-2004 season, when he was still only 16 years old, Messi made his first team debut in a friendly with Porto that marked the opening of the new Dragao stadium. The following championship-winning season, Messi made his first appearance in an official match on October 16th, 2004, in Barcelona’s derby win against Espanyol at the Olympic Stadium (0-1). And now, in 2010, 2011, and 2012 he is best player in the world.

1. According to the text, Messi’s parents moved to Barcelona ....
(A) because they were very poor in Argentina
(B) because they wanted Messi to be successful in soccer
(C) so that Messi could learn in the best soccer club
(D) to get Messi’s health problem cured 
(E) to find the best treatment to cure Messi’s health problem
Jawaban D

2. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
(A) he hasn’t really attractive face, but he’s a very good football player
(B) Lionel Messi is a good player for F.C Barcelona 
(C) his best characteristics are on the foot has competitiveness
(D) he appears to be a quite good and modest person
(E) he has long black hair and brown eyes
Jawaban B

Referensi: Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) SMA Tahun 2017.

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