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Contoh Soal Jawaban Hortatory Exposition - Animals in Circus

Circuses Should Not Use Animals

Animals should not be used in circus. The environment where they perform and their living conditions are usually inappropriate. Tigers, for example which naturally live in wilderness, must perform tricks on a narrow stage and spend their lifetime in a small cage.

Besides, the living conditions of the circus animals are poor. They live in a cramped condition most of the time. They actually need more space to roam. They also do not have freedom to live with their own kind.

We should ban the use of animals in circus and their confinement there.

37. Why does the writer consider circus inappropriate place to live for animals?
A. It resembles the animal's natural habitat.
B. It is the place where the animals are tortured.
C. It is the place to get public amusement.
D. It provides animals bad food.
E. It costs animals ill condition.

38. According to the text, ... .
A. Tigers are the most suitable animals to perform tricks.
B. Tigers are the smartest animals.
C. The highlight of the circus is on the animals.
D. The animals are the main performers in the circus.
E. Animals receive ill treatment in a circus.

39. "They live in a cramped condition most of their time (Paragraph 3).
The underlined word is closest in meaning to.
A. clean and neat
B. dirty and messy
C. poor and spacious
D. small and crowded
E. large and quiet

Source: Soal Ujian Nasional (UN) 2016 untuk SMA MA

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