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There are many reasons for both sides of the question, “should we have printed advertisement?”. Many people have strong views and feel that ads are nothing more than useless junk mail, while other people feel it is important source of information.

There are some reasons why we should have advertisement in newspaper and magazines. One reason is ads give us information about what is available. Looking at ads we can find out what is on sale and what is new in the market. This is an easy way of shopping. Another reason is that advertisement promotes business. When shop owners compete against each other the buyer saves money, more people come to their shops and they sell more goods.

On the other hand, some people argue that ads should not be put in newspapers and magazines for these various reasons. Firstly, ads cost the shopkeepers a lot of money to print onto paper. Also some people don`t like finding junk mail in their letter boxes. Ads also influence people to buy items they don`t need and can`t really afford. Ads use up a lot of space and a lot of effort has to be made to make the ads eye-catching.

After looking at both sides of issue, I think we should not have advertisements because they cost a lot of money and take up a lot of room in the papers. I don`t think I find some of them interesting. I mainly disagree because its junk mail.

1. Why does the writer present two sides of opinion of advertisement?
(A) S/he wants to take side
(B) S/he wants to be in the affirmative side
(C) S/he uses opinions to emphasize her own stance
(D) S/he wants the readers to know the opinion about the issue
(E) S/he wants the readers to understand her stance

2. The writer influences the readers by repeatedly saying that ....
(A) the ads are only garbage
(B) the ads contain unimportant business information
(C) the ads promote unnecessary service products
(D) the ads inform us tips of easy shopping x
(E) the ads become the source of information x

3. “Ads us up a lot space and a lot of effort has to be made to make the ads eye-catching”.
The underlined word is closest in meaning to ....
(A) newsworthy
(B) subtle
(C) plain
(D) impressive
(E) delicate

Artikel discussion text ini bersumber dari soal Ujian Nasional tingkat SMA / MA tahun ajaran 2016.
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