Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to Know Each Other

1.       What
is your name?

2.       What
is your nickname?

3.       What
do you do?

4.       What
does your father do?

5.       What
does your mother do?

6.       How
many sisters and brothers do you have?

7.       What
do they do?

8.       Where
do you come from?

9.       Where
do you live?

10.   Do
you live alone?

11.   What
is your educational background?

12.   What
are your hobbies?

13.   Do
you like to cook?

14.   What's
your favorite food?

15.   Are
you good at cooking/swimming/etc

16.   Are
you married or single?

17.   Do
you live in a house or an apartment?

18.   How
do you spend your free time?

19.   How
old are you?

20.   Tell
me about a favorite event of your childhood.

21.   What
do you do on Sundays?

22.   What
is your motto?

23.   Which
sports do you like?

24.   Who
do you live with?

25.   Who
has had the most influence in your life?

26.   Why
do you want to learn English?

27.   What
is your goal in life?

28.   How
do you like living here?

29.   How
do you find Makassar?

Pharmacist: apoteker
Dean: dekan
Dentist: dokter gigi
Driver: supir
Electrician: tukang listrik
Farmer: petani
Fisherman: nelayan
Government employee: pegawai negeri
Housewife: IRT
Journalist: wartawan
Lecturer: dosen
Shaman: dukun
Nurse: perawat
Midwife: bidan
Tailor: penjahit
Swim: berenang
Draw: menggambar
Dive: menyelam
Gaming: main game
Sing: menyanyi
Climb: memanjat (gunung)
Cook: memasak

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