Soal UKK / UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas X XI + Kunci Jawaban

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Cuplikan Soal UKK / UAS  Bahasa Inggris Kelas X Semester 2 / Genap :

A. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat.

Text 1 is
for no 1 - 4

The Rabbit Revenge

Long, long ago a rabbit and lion were neighbors. The
lion was very proud, and was fond of boasting about his strength. And thought
they were such close neighbors, the lion look down upon the rabbit, and use to
bully and frighten her. Finally, the rabbit could stand it no longer and wanted
to get her own back.

One day she went to the lion and said,” Good day, respected
elder brother. Image it, I met an animal over there who looked exactly like
you, and he said to me, ‘Is there anyone in the world who dares stand up to me?
If there is, let me come and have a duel with me. If there is no one, all of
you have to submit to my rule and be my servants!” “Oh, he was an intolerable
braggart! He is so puffed up with pride that his eyes can’t even light on
anymore!” added the rabbit.

“Oho,” the lion said. “Didn’t you mention me to him?”

“Yes, indeed, “the rabbit replied. “But it would have
been better if I hadn’t. When I described how strong you were, he just sneered
and said dreadfully rude things. He even went so far as to say that he wouldn’t
take you for his attendant!”

The lion flew into a rage and roared, “Where is he? Where
is he?”

Soon the rabbit took the lion a hill and, not going to
near herself, pointed to a well from a distance, and said,”He is down there, in
the well.”

The lion hastened to the well and glared angrily into
it. Yes there was his rival who even glared back at him angrily. The lion
roared, and his enemy roared back. The lion become so furious that his hair
stood on end. So did his enemy on the well. The lion show his teeth and lashed
out with his paws to scare his rival and his enemy in the well retaliated! In a
fit of anger the lion sprang into the air with all his might and then flung
himself at the enemy in the well. The result was that the proud lion was
instantly drowned.  

1.      What do you thing of the animal in
the well?

A.    The image of the lion

B.     An intolerable braggart.

C.     A stronger animal.

D.    Another

E.     His neighbor.

2.      The lion was proud of his?

A.    Hair

B.     Eyes

C.     Teeth

D.    Paws

E.     Strength

3.      What can we learn from the story?

A.    Be a good

B.     Don’t be so arrogant.

C.     We must help each other.

D.    An enemy can
be a good friend.

E.     A friend in need is a friend indeed.

4.      The generic structure of the text

A.    Orientation > Complication
> Resolution > Re-Orientation

B.     Orientation > Events > Re- Orientation

C.     General Classification > Description

D.    Identification
> Description

E.     Newsworthy Events > Background Events > Sources

 Text 2
is for no 5 - 10

JAKARTA: Seven people were killed in a collision
between a bus, a car and a truck on Dipenogoro street at 10:35 p.m. last night.
The dead were all the passengers of the car. The police believed the car had
been trying to overtake the bus when it was struck by a truck coming from the
opposite direction. The driver of the car might not be using his lights, as the
truck driver said he did not see the car approaching. 

The police said the car should not have tried to pass
the bus, since overtaking is not allowed on Dipenogoro street. In addition, the
police report that the car, a small Japanese car, should not have been carrying
more than five people. If the passengers had brought their identity cards, the
police would have identified the names of the victim easily.

5.      The type of the text is called…

A.      Recount

B.      Narrative

C.      Procedure



6.      The text mainly reports that there

A.      The function of an identity card.

B.      Victim of an accident.

car accident.

D.      Careless driver.

A small
Japanese car.

7.       What was the cause of the

A.      The truck came from the opposite

B.      The car carried more than five

C.      The truck driver didn’t use his

D.      The truck driver didn’t see the car

car tried to overtake the bus

Cuplikan Soal UKK / UAS PKN  Bahasa Inggris XI Semester 2 / Genap :

A. Pilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat.

One day a fox was bragging to a cat. "I'm so smart. I know a lot of
tricks, I know a hundred different ways to escape from my enemies."
"That's wonderful!" said the cat. "I only know one trick. Can
you teach me some of yours?" "Well, may be," said the fox.
At the moment they heard a pack of wild dogs running toward them. The cat ran
up a tree and disappeared. "This is the trick, I told you about, said the
cat. "It's my only one. Which trick are you going to use?"
The fox sat there trying to decide which trick to use. He thought for a long
time. Then, decided to run. But it was too late. The wild dogs got there before
he could run away and ate him up.1. The main idea of
paragraph I is that....

a. the fox was the cat's enemies
b. the fox was a boastful animal
c. the fox had a lot of enemies
d. there were many ways to escape from enemies
e. the fox knew a lot of tricks to beat his enemies

2. What happened to the fox when some wild dogs ran toward

a. He sat still. d. He was killed by the wild dogs.
b. He climbed up the tree. e. He disappeared to avoid the
wild dogs.

c. He showed his only trick.

3. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?
a. The cat was smarter than the fox.
b. The fox and the cat had the same tricks.
c. The fox could avoid the wild dogs running toward him.
d. The fox had a hundred ways to escape from his enemies.
e. The fox could teach the cat how to escape from his

4. What could we learn from the fox?
a. A wise man will not easily be deceived.
b. People do not always think what they say.
c. Clever people do not need lengthy explanation.
d. To get the best in life, one must not easily contented.
e. A person's action are more important than what she/he

5. "At the moment they heard a pack of wild dogs
running toward them." (par. 4)

What does the word `they' refer to?
a. The wild dogs. d. The cat and the dogs.
b. The fox and the dogs. e. The fox, the cat and the dogs.

c. The fox and the cat.

Some people have problem to sleep. Of course it will
disturb their daily activities. Well, sleeping is very important for human
beings. Did you know why?

You know, sleep is a simple and natural way of relaxation.
After a good night's sleep, we wake up refreshed and relaxed. In sleep, we
enter the different world of our fantasy. While we sleep, our sub¬conscious
mind takes us on a trip and our tired mind is rested and relaxed. Every part of
our body will have its rest. Further, the refreshment of our mind and body will
increase the power and effectiveness of all our faculties.

Considering the importance of sleeping, I think we should
have enough sleep. And if someone has a sleeping problem, he/she should find
the cause and overcome it. Otherwise, it will have a bad impact on their
activities during the day.

6. What is the text mainly about?
a. How long we should sleep every day. d. What happens
while we are sleeping.

b. Some problems dealing with sleep. e. The refreshment of
our mind and body.

c. The importance of sleep.

7. What is the simple and natural way of relaxation?
a. Playing a sport. d. Visiting a tourist resort.
b. Sleeping. e. Hanging out with friends.
c. Sighting.

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