Teks Report SMP 1 Masjid Sultan Suriansyah

Masjid Sultan Suriansyah is a historical mosque. Built 300
years ago, this building is the oldest mosque in South Kalimantan. The mosque
is located in the North Kuin Village of Banjarmasin. It was built in the reign
of Sultan Suriansyah known as Pangeran Samudera. He was the first Banjarnese
King who converted into Islam. This mosque was founded on the bank of the Kuin
river, near Kampung Kraton, which was destroyed by the colonial Dutch.

The construction of Masjid Sultan Suriansyah was unique. The
roof is layered. It took the Banjar's past architecture before Islam came.
Different from any other old mosque in Banjar, the mihrab has its own roof,
separated from the main building.

1. Masjid Sultan Suriansyah was constructed in the era of...

A. Banjar people

C. Kalimantan king.

2. What is mainly discussed in the text?

A. A king reign

C. An Islamic location.

3. From the text we know that

A. Some construction of the mosque takes the local style

B. The Banjar people burned down the mosque

C. There is nothing special from this mosque

D. The Dutch colonial built the mosque

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