Contoh Teks Letter dan Pembahasan

Dear Betty,

I'm writing to you concerning of my last day
in Jogya. I just got back from Borobudur, the wonderful temple I've ever seen.
The weather is fine. We are now staying in a hotel. It's not far from
Malioboro. We are treated well here. It has many excellent staff who serve the
customers. We plan to go around Malioboro after the children take a short nap.
We want to enjoy having "lesehan" there. It is a kind of a restaurant
but we sit on the ground.

Many kinds of local handicraft are sold along
Malioboro street. Both domestic and foreign tourists are interested in them. I
want to buy some as souvenirs.

Don't worry, I'll also buy you the most
interesting one.



  1. The text gives us
    information about ........
    A.   the wonderful Borobudur temple
    B.   the
    souvenirs to be bought

    C.   Dara's last day in Jogya
    a comfortable hotel near Malioboro

  2. Who is the letter from? ........
    A.   Customers
    B.   Betty
    C.   The hotel staffs

  3. How do the staff serve the customers of the
    hotel? ........
    A.   Proudly
    B.   Interestingly
    C.   Badly

  1. Jawaban: C
    Jikaa diperhatikan ke semua pilihan tanpa melihat reading, bisa kita ketahui bahwa Borobudur yang wonderful, hotel yang comfortable, dan souvenir yang tersedia merupakan bentuk yang spesifik dan hanyalah bagian-bagian dari hari terakhir (last day) nya Dara. 

  2. jawabn: D
    Pengirim surat umumnya diletakkan di terakhir suraat dan ditandai penggunaan kata-kata: love, truly, sincerely, dll.

  3. Jawaban: D
    Serve: melayani
    Dalam paragrf pertama kita lihat kata 'treated (diperlakukan/dilayani) well.' Dari pilihan yang ada kata 'nice' merupakan kata yang artinya paling dekat dengan kata 'well.'

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