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I have to travel every day from the bus stop near
the City Hall to the port. Two buses travel along this route; the number 2
and the number 11. However by the time the number 11 bus reaches the City
Hall, it is always full, so I use the number 2 which sometimes has empty
seats on it.

The time table states that there are buses from
the station to the port every ten minutes. If this is so why do I have to
wait half an hour for a bus?

The regulations state that no bus may carry more
than 40 seated passengers and 20 standing passengers. Yesterday I was the
first to get off the bus when it reached the port; I counted the other
passengers as they got off. There were 129 of them.

Clearly printed on the back of every bus a sign
that says: maximum speed 50 m.p.h on Saturday a number 2 bus travelled from
the City Hall to the Hero Monument in 10 minutes. The distance is 12 miles.
The bus must have speeded at speed at least 80 m.p.h!

It is clear that our bus companies have no respect
for the regulations or passengers.

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