EnglishAhkam: Belajar Listening TOEFL 1

Skill 1: Focus on the second line

Dalam listening part A kamu akan mendengar sebuah percakapan pendek antar dua orang; percakapan ini diikuti satu pertanyaan. Perlu diketahui bahwa jawaban jenis pertanyaan ini paling sering (tapi tidak selamanya!) ditemukan di baris ke dua dari percakapan.


On th recording, you hear:

Di rekaman, kamu mendengar:

(man)          Billy really made a big mistake this time.

(woman)    Yes, he forgot to turn in his research paper.

(narrator)    What does the woman say about Billy?

In your test book, you read:

Di buku tes kamu, kamu membaca:

(A) It was the first time he made a mistake.

(B) He forgot to write his paper.

(C) He turned in the paper in the wrong place.

(D) He didn’t remember to submit his assignment.

Pilihan jawaban (D) memilki makna yang sama dengan baris ke dua dari percakapan di atas. Maka jawaban yang paling tepat adalah (D).

Strategi yang perlu diketahui dalam Listening Part A (Skill 1):

1.       Baris ke dua dari percakapan kemungkinan berisi jawaban dari soal.2.       Menyimak dan memahami  baris pertama pada percakapan merupakan hal yang baik, tapi jika tidak dapat memahami, jangan khawatir karena baris pertama kemungkinan tidak mengandung jawaban dari soal.3.       Bersiaplah untuk fokus pada baris ke dua dari percakapan karena kemungkinan di situlah jawaban dari soal. Teruslah mengingat isi dari makna baris ke dua sambil mencocokkan pilihan jawaban yang tersedia.

Exercise: Exercise di bawah ini, kamu harus fokus pada baris ke dua, baca pertanyaannya, dan pilih jawaban terbaik. Ingatlah bahwa kemungkinan soal dapat dijawab dengan mudah hanya dengan baris ke dua.

(man)   Can you tell me if today’s matinee is a    comedy, romance, or western?

(woman) I have no idea.


(A) She has strong ideas about movies.

(B) She prefers comedies over westerns and romances.

(C) She doesn’t like today’s matinee.

(D) She does not know.

(woman) Was anyone at home at Barb’s house at Bab’s house when you went there to deliver the package?

(man)        I rang the bell, but no one answered.


(A) Barb answered the bell.

(B) The house was probably empty.

(C) The bell wasn’t in the house.

(D) The house doesn’t have a bell.

(woman) You just got back from the interview for the internship. How do you think it went?

(man) I think it’s highly unlikely that I got the job.


(A) It’s unlikely that he’ll go to the interview.

(B) he thinks he’ll be recommended for a high-level job

(C) The interview was apparently quite unsuccesful.

(D) he had an excellent interview.

TOEFL EXERCISE: Pada latihan ini, dengarkanlah dengan seksama percakapan pendek beserta pertanyaanya  pada rekaman, dan pilihlah jawaban yang paling tepat. Fokuslah baik-baik  pada baris ke dua.

Silahkan klik audio di samping untuk mendengarkan rekamannya. Tunggu beberapa saat untuk loading. 


1.    (A)    He is leaving now.

(B)    He has to go out of his way.

(C)    He will not be leaving soon.

(D)    He will do it his own way.

2.    (A)    He locked the door.

(B)    He tried unsuccessfully to get into the house.

(C)    He was able to open the door.

(D)    He left the house without locking the door.

3.    (A)    She doesn’t like to listen to turkeys.

(B)    She thinks the dinner sounds special.

(C)    She especially likes the roast turkey.

(D)    She’d prefer a different dinner.

4.    (A)    He’ll be busy with her homework tonight.

(B)    He can’t help her tonight.

(C)    He’s sorry he can’t ever help her.

(D)    He’ll help her with her physics.

5.    (A)    Her eyes hurt.

(B)    She thought the lecture was great.

(C)    The class was boring.

(D)    She didn’t want to watch Professor Martin.

6.     (A)     Not all the bills have been paid.

(B)     They don’t have enough credit to pay the bills.

(C)     What she said on the phone was not credible.

(D)     He used a credit card to pay some of the bills.

7.     (A)    She’ll call back quickly.

(B)     She’ll definitely be back by 4:00.

(C)     She’ll give it back by 4:00.

(D)     She’ll try to return fast.

8.    (A)    She hasn’t seen Tim.

(B)    Tim was there only for a moment.

(C)    Tim was around a short time ago.

(D)    Tim will return in a minute.

9.    (A)    She doesn’t like the place he chose.

(B)    She doesn’t want to get into the car.

(C)    She’s glad the spot is reserved.

(D)    They can’t park the car there.

10.     (A)     here’s plenty to eat.

(B)     The refrigerator’s broken.

(C)     The food isn’t in the refrigerator.

(D)     He’s not sure if there’s enough.

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