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is the process by which people take a child who was not born to them and raise
him or her as a member of their family. By law, adopted children differ from
foster children. An adopted child has all the legal rights of a member of the
family that raises him or her. A foster child does not.

Parents place their children up for adoptions for many reasons. Some parents
feel they cannot adequately care for their off springs because of health or
economic conditions. Some others, especially unwed parent, may not want to
raise a child.

But there are couples who cannot have children of their own. Adoption gives
them opportunity to raise a family. They can get one from an adoption agency if
they have all the requirements asked.
State laws prohibited adoption agencies from revealing the identity of the
natural parents to the adoptive parents. These laws also forbid agencies from
disclosing the identity of the adoptive parents to the natural parents. In some
states, the law permits adopted persons who are at least 18 years old to see
their birth certificates including the natural parents’ names.

On the contrary, many adopted people worked to change the laws. They argued
that people have a right to know their identity. They said that keeping secret
their adoptions records violate their right.
On the other hand, many people feel adoption records should be kept secret. If
not, natural parents might change their minds years later and take the child
away from the parents who raised him or her.

Some experts advise that a child should know of the adoptions by the age of 6
or 7. Surveys have shown that most adopted children develop normally.

1. Which of the following is not
the reason why parents place their child up for adoption?

a. He or she is from a poor family.
b. His or her parents do not love them.
c. His or her parents are not in good health.
d. His or her parents do not want to raise him/her.
e. His or her parents cannot afford to give good education.

2. An adoptive child has no right

a. To receive inheritance
b. To get adequate love and care
c. To know his/her adoption record
d. To live with his/her natural parents
e. To be well treated as member of a family

3. The writer’s purpose in
writing the text above is…

a. To tell readers how to adopt a child
b. To describe people who adopt a child
c. To explain to readers how an adopted child raised
d. To persuade people to have a foster or to adopt a child
e. To inform readers the reasons and problems of adopting a child

4. Which of the following is the
most improbable reason why adopted children want to have/know their adopted

a. They want to know their natural parents.
b. They want to know why they are adopted.
c. They want to know their status in adoptive parents.
d. They want to pay back their adoptive parents expenditure.
e. They want to know their parents place them up for adoption.

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