EnglishAhkam: Teks Spoof : Nasreddin's Coat

One day Nasreddin had been invited to the dinner
party. He went to the party by wearing old clothes.

When he arrived in the party, nobody looked at him
and nobody gave him a seat. He got no food in the party so he went home and
change his clothes.

Next he put on his best clothes. He wore his newest
coat and went to the party again. The host at once got up and came to meet him.
The host offered him the best table and gave him a good seat and served him the
best food.

Nasreddin sat and put off his coat. He put his coat
and said; “Eat the food, Coat!” the hosts and guests were very surprised and
asked Nareddin; “What are you doing?” Nasreddin replied calmly; “When I came here
with my old clothes, nobody looked at me. Then I went home and put on my best
clothes. I came back in my newest coat and you all give me this best food and
drink. So, you give food to my coat instead of me”. Getting Nasreddin's answer,
they just shook the head.

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