Soal STAN Bahasa Inggris dan Pembahasan Jawaban 2017

Soal STAN Bahasa Inggris dan Pembahasan Jawaban 2017

Gambar naskah asli soal STAN bahasa Inggris (Error Recognition)
151. Neither of those students have a clue to solve the mathematics problem assigned by the teacher. 



  • Neither/either of + singular verb
  • Neither/either + noun + nor/or + plural noun + plural verb
  • Neither/either + noun + nor/or + singular noun + singular verb

152. The journalist says that the number of people involved in that demonstration are more than two hundreds people.

  • are --> is
  • two hundreds people --> two hundred people

Nampaknya ada kesalahan pengetikan pembuat soal, sehingga ada 2 kunci jawaban yang bisa benar. 


  • The number of (jumlah dari)--> singular verb
  • A number of (beberapa) --> plural verb
  • hundreds (pakai `s) --> ratusan
  • Jika hanya mengatakan ratus (bukan ratusan), tidak perlu menggunakan `s` di akhir hundred.
  • two hundred students, a hundred books, three hundred children, hundreds of children. 

153. One of the jobs of architecture is to develop the main buildings and the surrounding landscape and spaces. 

Jawaban: nampaknya yang diminta `an architect` (Noun Person), bukan `architecture` (Noun Thing). 

  • One of the jobs of an architect --> salah satu tugas/pekerjaan dari seorang arsitektur 
  • Cek materi 'noun thing vs noun person' di sini:

154. Only few people in that meeting agreed that Nancy deserved getting the appreciation.

Jawaban: getting --> to get


155. The Oriental Tower is in the centre of the town, opposite with the river which is famous for its styles.

Jawaban: opposite with --> opposite

`Opposite` tidak perlu pakai `with`

156. On March, the public was shocked by a video of female students mixing prayer movements with dancing 

Jawaban: On --> In

  • In + year (in 1992, in 2021)
  • In + month (e.g., in January, in April)
  • On + day (e.g., on Monday, on Friday)

157. After waiting for so long, our government finally declared International Workers Day as the national holiday. 

Jawaban: Nampaknya `as a national holiday`. 

  • The --> menandakan national holiday tertentu, sementara di sini, umum. Internatioanl Workers Day hanyalah salah 1 nationa holiday dan masih banyak yang lain.
  • He`s selected as an English teacher in this school. (Diangkat sebagai seorang guru bahasa Inggris; yang berarti masih ada guru bahasa Inggris lain).
  •  He`s selected as the English teacher in this school. (Diangkat sebagai satu-satunya guru bahasa Inggris di sekolah ini.)

158. My brother told us that he once hiked a Mount Lawu on the East and Central Java border.

Jawaban: article `a` sebelum Mount Lawu perlu dihilangkan.

159. Chinese people adore cats much because of their ability to kill mice, their bravery and have smooth fur. 

Jawaban: have --> their


  • Ini terkait materi `parallel structure`.
  • because of their ability to kill micetheir bravery and their smooth fur.
  • Pelajari tentang materi ini di sini: 

160. The deeper the ocean, the least sun light can reach the bottom.

Jawaban: the least --> the less 

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