Teks Explanation Soal + Jawaban The Sense of the Taste

The sense of taste is one of a
person's five senses. We taste with the help of taste-buds in the tongue.

There are four main kinds of
taste: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. All other tastes are just mixtures of
two or more of these main types.

The surface of the tongue has
more than fifteen thousand taste-buds (or cells). These are connected to the
brain by special nerves which send the so-called 'tastes messages.

When the tongue comes into
contact with food of any kind, the taste-buds will pick up the taste. The
nerves then send a message to the brain. This will make us aware of the taste.
All this happens in just a few seconds.

There are four kinds of
taste-buds, each of which is sensitive to only a particular taste. These four
groups are located in different parts of the tongue.

The taste-buds for salty and
sweet tastes are found round the tip of the tongue and along its sides. Sour
tastes can be picked up only at the sides of the tongue. The taste-buds of the
bitter taste are found at the innermost edge of the tongue. There are
taste-buds at the centre of the tongue.

The senses of smell and sight can
affect taste. The good smell of food increases its taste. Similarly, attractive
colours can make food appear tastier and more delicious. If food does not smell
good or is dull-coloured, it will look tasty and may not taste good at all.

Very hot or cold sensations can make the
taste-buds insensitive. Food that is too hot or too cold, when placed in the
mouth, will have no tastes at all.

1.  We can taste any kind of food because of

A.  the good smell of food
B. the four main kinds of taste
C. the taste-buds in the tongue
D. the senses of smell and sight
E. the taste-buds round the tip
of the tongue

2.  When we eat very hot or cold food ........

A. the food will lose its taste
B. the food won't smell good
C. the taste of the food
D. the taste-buds will be
E. the taste-buds will be very,

3.   The senses of smell and sight ........

A. increase the taste of the food
B. affect the taste of the food
C. make food more delicious
D. make the food look good
E. make the food attractive

4.   The purpose of the text is ........

A. to explain how we can taste
any food in the mouth

B. to give a report about the
sense of taste
C. to inform how important the
tongue is
D. to describe the use of the
E. to tell the taste of the food

Untuk pembahasan kunci jawabannya silahkan komen di bawah, nanti akan dijelaskan jika dibutuhkan :)

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