Teks Report Beserta Soal Jawaban (ant-eaters)

Teks Report Beserta Soal Jawaban (ant-eaters)

This text is for questions 1 to 3.

Ant-eaters are perhaps the most curious looking animals.

Their long head and snout look like tubes, and they have no teeth at all. Their front legs are very strong and armed with heavy curved claws with which they break open the nets of ants and termites and then, when the insects rush out, use their long, sticky tongues to lick them up at great speed.

True ant-eaters are found in the swamps and forests of central and South America. Scaly ant-eaters, or pangolins, are found in Africa and tropical Asia.

Various other insect-eating animals are sometimes called ant-eaters, although they really belong to other groups of animals. One of them is the ant-bear, which lives on the plains of South and Central Africa. This has long, erect ears but short blunt claws, an almost hairless tail, yellow brown in color. Unlike the true ant-eaters, it has small teeth.

1. The text tells us ….
A. the story of ant-eaters
B. the report of ant-eaters
C. the discussion of ant-eaters
D. the description of ant-eaters
E. the explanation of ant-eater’s body

2. What is the ant-bear?
A. The animal has long, erect ears and small teeth.
B. The animal looks like a pangolin.
C. The animal has no sticky tongue
D. The animal does not like to eat ants.
E. The animal belongs to ants’ group.

3. From the passage above, we can conclude that….
A. all ants are friends of other insects
B. ants live in the disgusted places
C. ants are classified as predators
D. ants belong to the insect group
E. ants usually eat death animals

Sumber: soal Ujian Nasional (UN) tingkat Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA).

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